Continuous PU sandwich panel production line

The continuous PU, PIR sandwich panel line is manufactured based on a higher technical level all over the process throughout design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Our sandwich panel production line system is a fully automation equipment system to produce various shapes of sandwich panels using a rigid-polyurethane foam or polyisocyanurate as a core material which is known as a top insulation in nowadays with low heat conductivity, heat reserving, anti-sweating, high strength durability and availability at construction site.

Sandwich panel line Composition
Step 1. Decoiling system
Step 2. Roll forming system
Step 3. PU/PIR foaming system
Step 4. Double belt slat conveyor(caterpillar) system
Step 5. Cutting system
Step 6. Cooling system
Step 7. Stacking system
Step 8. Wrapping system