Continuous PU / PIR sandwich panel production line

Sandwich panel line Composition

Step 1. Decoiling system
Step 2. Roll forming system
Step 3. PU/PIR foaming system
Step 4. Double belt slat conveyor(caterpillar) system
Step 5. Cutting system
Step 6. Cooling system
Step 7. Stacking system
Step 8. Wrapping system


General Specification of sandwich panel line
Kind of products  Interior wall, Exterior wall, Corrugated roof, Siding, Metal, Tiled roof and more
Density of core material  Standard 35K±5 · 40K±5
Production speed  Average 4~12m/min
Annual capacity  About 1,000,000㎡
Necessary dimension  Approximately W20m x L120m x H7m
Required electric power  About 400kw
Required air pressure  Minimum 6~7bar