Mineral wool sandwich panel line
PU Sandwich Panel MachineMineral wool sandwich panel line

Mineral wool, rock wool and glass wool is widely used(USA : 84%, Europe : 42%) since 1930s as an insulation due to it has excellent non-flammability, sound absorption and high strength even though it doesn’t make a toxic gas against fire.

Our mineral wool and rock wool sandwich panel production line is a fully automation equipment system to produce various shapes of sandwich panels continuously and efficiently using glass-wool, mineral wool and rock wool as a core material.

Our mineral wool, rock wool and glass wool sandwich panel production line is composed as follows;

Step 1. Decoiling system
Step 2. Roll forming system
Step 3. Mineral wool board feeding system
Step 4. Adhesive(glue) system
Step 5. Side PU injection system
Step 6. Laminating system
Step 7. Cutting system
Step 8. Cooling system
Step 9. Stacking system
Step 10. Wrapping system

Our mineral wool and rock wool sandwich panel production line is already recognized its value by major sandwich panel producing companies at domestic and foreign with various technical researches and a high level services, we will keep trying for development in accordance with customer’s needs for the high quality sandwich panels.

Specification for mineral wool sandwich panel line
Kind of products  Interior wall, Exterior wall(Secret fix), Corrugated roof, Metal and more
Density of core material  Standard 40K~150K
Production speed  Average 4~16m/min
Annual capacity  About 800,000㎡
Necessary dimension  Approximately W15m x L100m x H7m
Required electric power  About 200kw
Required air pressure  Minimum 6~7bar

Currently, we had become not only the biggest Korean sandwich panel machinery manufacturing company, but also one of major sandwich panel production(EPS, MW, PU/PIR) company with 4 continuous sandwich panel production lines.
In this regard, we can provide a special and differentiated service to all our clients that supplying production line along with various techniques and know-hows which are very useful to maintain and operate the equipment in actual work site.

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