Window reinforcement steel roll forming machine
Roll Forming MachinesWindow reinforcement steel roll forming machine

Reinforcement steel is a material which plays the backbone by supporting glass weight and the frame, and it is inserted inside the chassis.

This material is indispensable to the chassis and it acts in support of whole chassis in different shapes and thickness for each maker’s.

Our window reinforcement roll forming line is manufactured in standing roll replacement type and it produces architectural finished and equipped materials(T-bar, M-bar, Stud) and chassis reinforcement-bar.

And it is composed that can use multi directional roll forming.

Roll forming machine
Cutting press and cutting mold
Rut-out table
Material CR, GI, EGI, PO, HGI
Thickness of material 0.3~3mm
Production speed 20~50m/min
Cutting type Flying cutting type
Cutting length 300~6,000mm
Length tolerance ±0.5mm
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