Roof tile roll forming machine
Roll Forming MachinesRoof tile roll forming machine

Roof tiles, used for centuries, are greatly durable, sustainable and harmony with nature. Also, roof tiles make reduce expense, because they are easy to storage, transport and construct. That’s the reason why roof tiles are very popular all over the world.

Our roof tile roll forming machine is controlled by PLC computer system with inverter, so operators can handle the machinery easily and steadily. we’re keep supplying and trying for development in accordance with customer’s needs for the various kinds of roof tile.


Entry shear
Roll forming machine
Drawing machine
Shearing machine
Run-out conveyor


Material  Al/Zinc/GI/PPGI
Thickness of material  Min. 0.3mm~Max. 0.6mm
Width of material  Min. 914~1,390mm
Production speed  Max. 8~13m/min
Drawing depth  250mm, 14~20tiles/min
Drawing height  15~25mm
Adjustable pitch range  250~400mm
Drawing and cutting method  By hydraulic(Flying cutting)
Control system  PLC computer control and inverter
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