Steel pallet roll forming machine
Roll Forming MachinesSteel pallet roll forming machine

As environmental regulations are tightening up as time goes by, use of wooden pallets is limiting due to forest resources protection, various kinds of disease and harmful insects. Also, in case of plastic pallets, the production costs are increased with rise of oil prices in these days and it has a main shortcoming that it is impossible to recycle 100%.

On the other hand, using the steel pallets can reduce the scarce resources and it is semi-permanent and also, it is possible to recycle 100%. So, it is spotlighted in industrial sites in these days. KINDUS’s steel pallet production line is simple with super lightweight structure via all-in-one steel forming system. Also, it has been designed enables you to produce the products which can cope with changing trade policies.

Uncoiler Coil material
Roll forming machine Bed plate, Medium plate, Base plate
DDS CUT Automatic cut to length
Roller conveyor Extraction of product
Automatic spot welding Producing frame


Kinds of steel pallet
Light steel pallet Galvalume 0.5t
Steel skid pallet Galvalume 1.2t


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